Service List



Grooming Prices Include:


Bath– Groomer determines, based on your dogs skin and coat, what shampoo and conditioner your dog requires or you may request a particular shampoo or bring your own! Special shampoos available include hypoallergenic, and oatmeal.


Brush– 15 minutes is included in the price, additional fee may apply for matted dogs


Nails– Groomer will clip the nails and will file the nails upon request only. ($5.00/Paw) Please inform the groomer upon drop off if you would like your pets nails filed to ensure they will not be sharp.


Haircut– The haircut and price are based on the condition of the pets coat, length of the coat, as well as the dogs temperament. The groomer is trained to do all breeds and haircuts. Please bring in photos that will help us determine the type of cut you would like for your pet.


Anal Glands– The anal glands will be checked and if needed they will be expressed. Please inform the groomer if you would *not* like this service for your pet.


Tooth brushing with Fresh Breath treatment– $5.00


De-Shedding with Conditioning treatment– $5.00


Anti-Itch Treatment– $5.00


Nail Filing– $5.00 Paw




Matted Dogs- $10.00 for 15 minutes or $40.00 an hour


Fancy Haircuts- “Show Quality” trim.  Price determined on time spent.


Walk In Nail Trim and Ear Cleaning-  Walk-in service (please call ahead)


$10 Nail Trim only, $15 Nail Trim and File, $5 Ear Cleaning





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